Minimal Surface Graphics Project


This is the main page for an ongoing minimal surface project. The goal of this project is the creation of a well-documented library of minimal surfaces in form of Mathematica notebooks which generate 3-dimensional models in a reproducible way. Such a library will be extremely useful for research purposes, and it will also have educational benefits.

The functionality of the Mathematica packages supporting the library will include the following:

  • Find a surface parameterization
  • Solve period problems
  • Find good parameter lines
  • Evaluate parameterization along the parameter lines
  • Extend the surface using symmtries
  • Add graphical elements like straight lines
  • Render or export the graphics

While the first two steps are different for each new surface, the other steps can be automatized. Below is a link to a directory with Mathematica notebooks and packages which attempt this. The packages are currently under development. I will try to keep the sample files working with new releases of the main package. The current version is 0.13 (6/15/01).

Mesh generation with Mathematica

The Archive contains sample images created with the current version of the package.

Riemann Minimal Surface